Worst technical interview I’ve ever had

Job interviewing in pandemic times

Jesse Ruiz (she/they)
4 min readJun 14, 2022


Photo by 傅甬 华 on Unsplash

Yeah, it was bad. One interviewer had COVID and sat through my interview playing with his phone and barely said anything.

In this article, I’ll describe a bad technical interview experience I had with a FANG company. This is just a first-hand recollection of my experience. For context, I’m a junior level data engineer and have no computer science degree. I attended a coding bootcamp for data science in 2019. Take joy in reading about other people’s bad technical interviewing experiences and either hope it doesn’t happen to you or do something about it to make the process better. (I’m looking at you, HR/senior devs/recruiters.)

How it happened

I was contacted by a recruiter from company Y. First phone call was a typical phone screening. The next phone call with a discussion with a technical recruiter. After this we were in the process of setting up a second round, which was a take home technical screen. But then I got an email from the recruiter saying that the team wanted to expedite my interview process, so they wanted me to bypass the take home (second round). Woo! (Or their mistake? Who’s to say?)