Searching for a New Job After Being Laid Off

Mindset Upgrade and Other Philosophical Thoughts

Jesse Ruiz (she/they)
5 min readAug 13, 2023
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

So, I didn’t quit tech. I am writing this article as a contrarian view to my most recent article about quitting tech forever. I believe that this writing exercise has proven extremely useful for myself in processing being laid-off. I’m currently still looking for a job in tech and I find the interview process to be as frustrating and inefficient as ever.

In this article, I will discuss 5 things to consider during this very difficult job market. I discuss mindset change, guide the reader through expectations for a job search and introspective thoughts on job hunting in general. This one gets a little philosophical. (Sorry, not sorry.)


1. Change your perspective

2. Time is yours now

3. Expand job hunt to groups of roles

4. Utilize your personal network

5. Triple your expected time to hire

Change Your Perspective

One thing that immediately came up for me when I got laid-off is the feeling of guilt and thinking that I did something wrong to deserve being laid-off. It took me awhile to come to the realization and acceptance that this happens…