Including Non-technical and Technical Books

Photo by author. Stack of books.

All You Can Pay: How Companies Use Our Data to Empty Our Wallets by Anna Bernasek and D.T. Mongan

My experience with self-studying, boot camps, and financial aid

Photo by Arnold Francisca on Unsplash

A Brief Review of “Inducing visibilities: An attempt at Santiago Ramón y Cajal’s aesthetic epistemology”

Drawing of Purkinje cells (A) and granule cells (B) from pigeon cerebellum by Santiago Ramón y Cajal, 1899; Instituto Cajal, Madrid, Spain.

ELIF, Explain it like I’m 5 version

Photo by Mario Gogh on Unsplash

And How I Have Grown Since Then

Original drawing by the author (

Unanticipated aspects of working in the tech industry from a bootcamp graduate

Photo author: Ruben Ramirez

Answering FAQs About Data Science Boot Camp

Office Hours

My first foray into job hunting in tech (as a bootcamp grad)

original drawing by Jesse J. Ruiz (

How I Got My First Job In Tech (Job Application Tips)

Jesse Ruiz (she/they)

Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Artist, Queer, San Antonio, TX

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